The best way to start your day

So I’ve been wondering…is there a perfect way to start your day? The answer to that question is probably no. However, I decided to do some research and see if I could find out what you can do to start your day in the best way possible. Here’s what I found out.

1. Eight hours are enough

People are always talking about how a lack of sleep is bad, and how it affects you, but you never hear anyone talk like that about oversleeping. As everyone probably knows, 8 hours of sleep each night the recommended. If you sleep more than the recommended 8 hours, you will wake up feeling tired and it can cause headaches later on in the day. Therefore, if you want to wake up well rested, you shouldn’t oversleep.

2. Don’t you dare hit that snooze button

I know, I know…hitting snooze and laying in bed just a little longer is really nice. However, hitting the snooze button causes that fuzzy-headed feeling. This is because when you hit snooze and go back to sleep, your body will think your first alarm was a false alarm and let itself go to sleep mode again. Then when your second alarm goes off, your brain and body are surprised and confused, which causes that groggy feeling. So don’t…hit…snooze.

3. Don’t check your phone

Yes, I’m guilty of this too, but for example, emails apparently are linked to anxiety. So if you check your emails and other notifications first thing in the morning, you are off to a bad start.

4. Exercise

When you’re exercising, your brain releases some feel-good endorphins thingies, which do not only improve your energy levels but will also improve your mood!! I know, sounds amazing! But the best thing about it is that this effect can last until the evening if you exercise in the morning.

5. Healthy breakfast

First of all, YOU SHOULD ALWAYS EAT BREAKFAST! Okay, that’s said. Now on to what you should include in your breakfast. For an energy boost, you should include fresh fruits. Salads are also great to include in your breakfast. It may sound odd, but some greens, such as spinach, boost your mood. Another mood-boosting breakfast is granola with almonds.

6. Be outside

Apparently being outside for even as little as 5 minutes can increase your self-esteem and boost your mood. Now this is easy to incorporate into your morning routine. For example, for your workout, you can go for a run, or you can eat your breakfast outside. You can always walk or bike to school/work, or if that’s too far, just walk to the bus stop.






29 thoughts on “The best way to start your day

  1. Fernanda Guevara says:

    Really nice and informative tips !
    I’m so guilty of oversleeping (sometimes not sleeping enough), and checking my notifications in the morning!!!
    Also, on my public speaking class a girl presented a very similar topic to this an said drinking a glass of cold water when waking up made you actually be more alert, hydrated, and I believe get an instant boost to start the day, along with the things you mentioned! ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    • elliespov says:

      I know, and also, if they would want to read the full articles from which I got the facts they can check those out. Also, I’m so used to give sources for my work, since I’ve written so many articles for uni and they require a list of sources.


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