Nine days in Greece


About two…, maybe two and a half weeks ago, my best friend and I got back from our trip to Greece. When in Greece, we traveled to different places, seeing as much as we possibly could in the short time that we’d be in the country. So here’s a short recap of where we’ve been and what we’ve done:

Day 1

Our plane landed at Athens airport at 10:50 AM, if I remember correctly. We then took the metro to the city of Athens and found our hotel for the first night. We did some grocery shopping and after this, we figured we could walk around a bit before we sat down to get dinner. We saw this tiny little chapel on top of a mountain and we thought, let’s go there! Little did we know that is was a pretty long and steep walk up. We had no water left, and we only had salty food with us…I know, super smart. So by the time we got to the top, we were exhausted and so happy to find a guy selling drinks and water. The view was incredible and the way down was way less exhausting.

Day 2

We woke up early to take the metro from Athens to Piraeus. From there we took the boat to the island Aegina. We stayed in a hotel in a place called Agina Marina, which is on the East side of the Island. After checking in, we headed to the beach and like always…I got a sunburn….

Day 3

The third day we were still in Agina Marina. This day we found an abandoned building, so naturally, we decided to investigate and go on an adventure. The building looked as though it used to be a hotel or a resort. It also had the most beautiful view, which made us wonder it is abandoned. We asked the lady at our hotel about it, and she said is has been abandoned for around 40 years now. It had never been finished because of financial and legal problems. She also told us there were loads of rumors going around about it but she didn’t tell us any. Safe to say, this made us even more curious.

Day 4

This day, we took a boat from Aegina to Methana, another Greek island. We did not do too much on this day, we just walked around the village for a bit and got ourselves some food.

Day 5

Off to the next island! We took the boat from Methana to Poros. Poros is also a beautiful island. When we got to the hotel, I found out I left my sandals back at the last hotel…typical me -.-  Anyways, we then went to get some groceries and after this, we headed to the beach.

Day 6

Back on the road! We got up early to take the ferry from Poros to Galatas. The from Galatas, we took the Bus to Isthmus. Now Isthmus is not really a city, its more like a couple of fast food restaurant, some supermarkets, and a hotel at the side of the road.You’re probably thinking, well then why would you stay there? We wanted to stay there because we wanted to see the canal of Corinth. It was so beautiful and definitely worth our time.

Day 7

Back to Athens. We decided to stay in Athens again for the last two nights since our flight home would go from the Athens Airport. This day in Athens, we went to all the tourist hotspots. We went to the Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus, and the Panathenaic Stadium. All these places were absolutely beautiful. If you’re a student and you would like to visit Acropolis, the Temple of Zeus, or the Panathenaic Stadium, here’s a little tip: bring your student card. You will be able to enter the before mentioned places for free, or with a discount, but only when you can show your student card.

Day 8

At this point, our adventure was almost over 😦 . We took a little day trip to Delphi, to go and see The Oracle of Delphi. It was so beautiful and when we were walking through those ruins, we could only imagine how it used to look when it was just built.

Day 9

Sigh…time to go back home. We checked out of our hotel, got on the metro, and before we knew it we were back at the airport we were so happy to arrive at just 8 days before. Only this time, we were not happy to arrive at the airport, as this meant our adventure was  really over.

If you’re still reading this, thank you for taking the time to read my post, and comment down below, what’s the worst thing you’ve ever forgotten at a hotel?Down below I’ve included some pictures of the trip. I you liked my post, please give it a like, and maybe even consider following my blog? *shameless self-promo*

All the photos shown are shot by myself



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